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RUOK - Are You Okay?

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The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office provides this free community service to senior citizens and residents with disabilities of Cherokee County by providing a daily phone call. The “RUOK?” program is designed to check on elderly, handicapped and homebound people.


The only requirements to be a subscriber of the RUOK? System is you MUST be a resident of Cherokee County and you MUST have a telephone.


The following questions may help you decide if the system would be appropriate for you or a loved one:

  • Do you have physical limitations that require a walker, wheelchair, or artificial limb?
  • Do you suffer from conditions that can cause blackouts or disorientation such as: diabetes, epilepsy/seizure disorder, dementia, asthma or emphysema?
  • Do you have any sensory impairment such as speech, sight, or hearing?


The subscriber will fill out the RUOK agreement form and agreement information form. Mail, email, or fax the forms to the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office. An employee from the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office will make a phone call to each subscriber every day of the week at a time chosen by the subscriber.  When the subscriber answers, the employee will simply verify their well-being.  If the subscriber does not answer their phone after a few attempts, a sheriff’s deputy will be dispatched to the residence.  The employee will provide complete background information on the individual, including their address, medical history and next of kin.  For the disabled and elderly who live alone, a daily call to confirm their wellbeing is reassuring.  This also eases the concern of family and friends who may find it difficult to maintain consistent and reliable contact.

Contact Information

Cherokee Sheriff’s Office
(678) 493-4200

RUOK? Administration
   (678) 493-4233