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One of the primary functions of any sheriff’s office is to serve arrest warrants. In 2018, Cherokee Sheriff’s deputies served 4,453 arrest warrants. Oftentimes, suspects of crimes will flee the area before they are arrested. Additionally, individuals who are sentenced to probation or released from prison early and are on parole have certain rules and conditions they must abide by. If they violate those rules, warrants are taken for their arrest, and it is not uncommon for those individuals to change addresses and/or flee the area, the state or even the country.

“Our agency decided to start a ‘Most Wanted Fugitive’ list as a means to keep their names and photos in the public,” said Sheriff Frank Reynolds. “This list is not meant to alarm anyone. We compiled a list of wanted persons with serious charges who we have not been able to locate.”

Some offenders on the list have recent charges, and some are wanted from years ago. Some on the list have never been arrested for crimes they are accused of committing. Many on the list have VOP (Violation of Probation) below their photo and were convicted of a crime and have violated the terms of their probation. It’s unknown if these subjects have fled the area or remain nearby.

“Our intent in creating and sharing this ‘wanted’ list is to hopefully learn new information about where these subjects might be located,” Reynolds said.

Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts is asked to call Cherokee 911 or 678-493-4080.