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The objective of the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office, Support Services Unit (SSU) is to provide assistance to the Cherokee Sheriff’s Multi-agency SWAT Team, Hostage Negotiations Team, and Incident Commanders within Cherokee County or other jurisdictions as directed by delivering and operating the Communications Support Vehicle , Emergency Rescue Vehicle, All Terrain Vehicles, SWAT Transport Vehicle, Hostage Negotiations Vehicle, Mobile Command Post and other assets to critical incidents such as serious crimes scenes, tactical situations, natural disasters, mutual aid assistance, public relations presentations,  or other law enforcement activities as directed by the Special Operations Commander.

The goal of the SSU is to provide multiple communications and technology capabilities, provide Incident Commanders with a mobile command post, provide for the establishment of a Tactical Operations Command, document critical information during on-going operations, staff critical technical and communications support positions within an established NIMS compliant command structure, and assist other jurisdictions in the resolution of critical incidents during emergency situations involving multiple agencies, under the provisions of Mutual Aid.