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Inmate Bonding Procedures

Listed below are the procedures for bonding an arrested person out of the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. A criminal bond is a financial guarantee that the arrested person will appear in court on the specified date. A BOND IS NOT A FINE! A person posting a bond must appear before a judge to answer criminal charges.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is when the entire bond, including fees, is paid in cash. This bond can be paid by anyone that presents the accepted form of currency. Other than cash monies, the Sheriff’s Office will only accept Cashier’s Checks. There will be an additional non-refundable state-required bond fee of $20.00. This fee must be paid separately, in cash with exact change. THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE DOES NOT MAKE CHANGE.

All of the cash bond, other than the 20.00 fee, will be returned to the person posting the bond at the conclusion of the trial or plea. In order to obtain the cash bond, contact the Cherokee County Court Clerk’s Office at (678) 493-6501.

Professional Bondsman

An approved Professional bonding company may be used for posting a bond. The bondsman will charge a NON-REFUNDABLE fee for he/her services. This fee is 15% or a minimum of $50.00 per bonded charge or offense regardless if this exceeds the 15%. The Sheriff’s Office does not set these percentages or fees, these are set by Georgia O.C.G.A. 17-6-30. A list of approved Professional Bonding Companies is listed below. This list can also be found on a marquis in the lobby of the Adult Detention Center. THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE CANNOT RECOMMEND A PARTICULAR BONDING COMPANY.

A & A Bonding 770-479-0094
ABC Bonding 770-735-6100
A-Kwik Bonding 770-479-2671
Anytime Bonding 770-720-1033
Bond James Bond 770-345-7917
Cherokee Bail Bonds 770-224-9150
A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds 770-479-5230
24/7 All Bail Bonds 770-557-5998

Property Bond

  1. Anyone owning property in Cherokee County can post a property bond. In order to use the property the following documentation is needed:
  2. An original or certified copy of a Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed Executor’s Deed OR an Administrator’s Deed.
  3. A current property tax receipt indicating that the taxes are paid to date (not overdue). You may access the Tax Assessor’s online database to obtain a current copy of your tax receipt. Cherokee County Property Tax Records.
  4. Enough clear and unencumbered equity to cover twice the bond amount PLUS a $5,000.00 homestead tax exemption. This calculation is based on the fair market value that is on record with the Tax Commissioner’s Office. Selling price, insured value nor any other valued amount will not be accepted. This value will be based upon fixed, permanent structures; the value of mobile homes will not be included.
  5. A current, paid to date mortgage statement.
  6. All parties named on the deed must be to be present with government-issued photo identification. Each person will be required sign an affidavit agreeing to the bond. If any party listed is deceased, a certified copy of the death certificate must be provided.
  7. A $20.00 non-refundable bond fee paid in cash. Please bring correct change.

***A lien will be placed against the property that is the subject of the bond***

Approved Property Bond

An Approved Property Bond is accepted from another county where an individual my own property. To obtain an approved bond the property owner must have all documentation listed above for property bonds.

The following procedures must be completed:

  1. Take warranty deed, paid tax statement and current mortgage statement to the local Sheriff’s Office where the property is located. Everyone listed on the appropriate property deed must be present.
  2. The local Sheriff’s Office may have different criteria for a property bond however the bond must meet the criteria for the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office.
    Once the bond is written by the local Sheriff’s Office, that agency will place the bond and all associated documents (except identification) into a sealed envelope. NO BOND WILL BE ACCEPTED IF THE SEAL OR ENVELOPE IS OPENED OR DAMAGED.
  3. Bring the envelope to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center along with all parties named on the deed (notarized power of attorney is acceptable for any party unable to accompany the bond).
    All parties named on the deed will be required to sign an affidavit regarding the equity in the property.
  4. A $20.00 non-refundable bonding fee may be collected by the Sheriff’s Office where the property is located. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office will not collect this fee again if one has been already collected. Please keep any receipts to verify payment.

***A lien will be placed against the property that is the subject of the bond***

Any further questions regarding bonding procedures and requirements can be directed to the Bond Administrator at 678-493-4164.