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Lt. Jeremy Huggins
Warrant Unit Commander

The Warrant/Civil Unit processes serve and maintains all local warrants and assist other counties with serving their warrants locally. Other responsibilities of this unit include placing and releasing holds with the GA Department of Corrections and arranging felony extraditions.

The Warrant/Civil Unit also serves and maintains all civil processes for the county, as well as all evictions, TPOs, patient transports for mental evaluations, court-ordered stand-bys, Levy FI FA’s, and Sheriff Sales. This division serves all court and private subpoenas.

The Warrant/Civil Unit coordinates its efforts with the Cherokee County Justice Center, District Attorney’s office, Solicitor’s office, Probation offices, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Corrections as well as local and out-of-state law enforcement agencies.

The following links are provided to answer common questions:

Requirements for Civil Service by Cherokee Sheriff’s Office
FiFa Collection Procedures
Landlord Eviction Guidelines

The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office will not collect or solicit payment for warrants nor fines via telephone or any other automated service. 

If you have additional questions call (678) 493-4251.