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Inmate Services

How can I place money on inmates books?

Family and friends can deposit funds into an inmate’s account for commissary purchases, medical services, etc. Money orders are accepted in any amount to deposit towards an inmate’s account. Cash and personal checks are not accepted. Money may also be deposited either online or via direct deposit using the ATM located in the Lobby of the ADC which accepts credit cards, debit cards and cash. Money deposited this way is automatically credited towards the inmate’s account.

When can I visit an inmate?

You can read the rules and find the visitation schedule here.

What can I send an inmate?

  1. All incoming mail is monitored for contraband. Soft-cover books, periodicals, and magazines must be sent directly from the publisher, or authorized distributor, or online retail distributor. All books, periodicals, and magazines must be of appropriate content (no pornography, no martial arts literature, no survival literature, etc). Contraband will be confiscated; contraband that violates a law will be turned over to the evidence officer and appropriate action will be taken by the staff member finding the contraband.
  2. Polaroid photographs are contraband and will not be given to the inmate.
  3. Regular photographs are permitted; inmates are limited to having three at any one time.
  4. Bibles in both English and Spanish, as well as other religious materials are available free of charge from the Jail Chaplaincy Program. Any questions regarding chaplaincy services, please contact the Jail Programs Manager at 678-493-4169.
  5. Stamps, envelopes, paper, and pens are available for purchase from the jail commissary.
  6. C.O.D. mail will not be accepted.
  7. No hardback books will be accepted.
  8. Incoming and outgoing mail may be read and rejected if there is reliable information that there is a threat to facility order and security, or that the mail is being used in the furtherance of illegal activity.
  9. Any further questions regarding inmate and administrative services at the jail, you may contact the Jail Administrative Services supervisor at 678-493-4226.

How Can I Send US Mail to a Person in Custody?

To ensure accurate delivery of mail to an inmate detained at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center  address all correspondence with the inmate’s full name (First, Middle, Last) and alias(es), as well as include a complete return address. This will help to assure accurate delivery in the event that there are inmates with the same name in this facility or in the event that a letter must be returned to the sender.

The mailing address format for institutional mail will be:

Inmates name (First, Middle, Last) and alias(es)

Cherokee County Adult Detention Center

498 Chattin Drive

Canton, Ga 30115

Do You Grant Emergency Leave to Inmates Held at the Adult Detention Center?

Emergency leave will not be granted OR transportation provided to sentenced inmates UNLESS directed by a court order. No emergency leave will be authorized to locations outside Cherokee County. A minimum of two deputies will be assigned to provide security to inmates granted emergency leave within Cherokee County. All expenses associated with the transport and security of inmates authorized emergency leave will be the responsibility of the prisoner’s family UNLESS it can be demonstrated that there in an inability to pay because of a financial hardship or other mitigating circumstances.