• Joined Cherokee Sheriff's Office in 1997
The Cherokee Sheriff's Office is responsible for providing a full range of law enforcement and adult detention services to the residents of Cherokee County. The agency is operational twenty four hours per day and is prepared to provide emergency response to life threatening situations and non-emergency assistance to a variety of criminal, traffic, medical, civil matters and natural disasters that may impact on the overall quality of life.

Deputies will be assigned to Uniform Patrol Operations after completing duties in the Adult Detention Center. Upon entering Uniform Patrol, deputies are assigned to the Field Training Program. This 12 week program prepares the deputy for all assignments throughout the agency.

Uniform Patrol is staffed and manned to render general public safety assistance to those who live, work and play in the unincorporated areas of Cherokee County. The principal responsibility of Uniform Patrol is to provide twenty-four hour protection and services for the citizens of and visitors to Cherokee County. In addition, they act to prevent the occurrence of street crimes through visible preventive patrol; to respond rapidly to all requests of an emergency nature; to improve the criminal apprehension rate by conducting thorough preliminary on scene investigations where appropriate; to reduce traffic congestion and accident hazards through systematic enforcement of traffic laws; to respond to motor vehicle accidents and render aid to victims; to assist citizens in dealing with legal, medical, social or humanitarian problems through direct crisis intervention and/or making referrals to agencies equipped to deal with such problems; and to improve law enforcement and community relations through increasing the quality and quantity of contact between citizens and the Sheriff's Office. Deputies of the Uniform Patrol Division respond to every call for service.

The members of Uniform Patrol Operations are geographically dispersed throughout the 411 square miles of the county. Uniform Patrol has five Precincts located in the county. Citizens may stop by at any precinct at any time of the day or night. If for some reason a deputy is not present at the precinct, a citizen may then call (678) 493-4080, and request a deputy meet them. All calls for emergency service should be phoned into 911.


  • Joined Cherokee Sheriff's Office in 1993
Field Operations Commander
Phone: (678)493-4156
Fax:     (678) 493-4190
Phone: (770) 479-0451

Special Ops
Uniform Patrol Operations
498 Chattin Drive
Canton, GA 30115