Inmate Mail
Due to the possibility of having inmates with the same or very similar names, please address letters to the inmates in the following format and include the inmate number (if known):

Inmate (First Name) (Last Name)
(Unit / Pod Location)
Cherokee County Jail
498 Chattin Drive
Canton , Georgia 30115
Inmate John Doe
Cherokee County Jail
498 Chattin Drive
Canton , Georgia 301115
Mail is delivered to inmates Monday through Friday on the same day it is received; mail arriving at the jail on weekends and holidays will be delivered the following business day. Personal packages are not permitted. Mail from other jails, prisons, boot camps, or any detention facility will not be accepted. Mail with no return address will not be given to the inmates.

All incoming mail is monitored for contraband. Soft-cover books, periodicals, and magazines must be sent directly from the publisher, or authorized distributor, or online retail distributor. All books, periodicals and magazines must be of appropriate content (no pornography, no martial arts literature, no survival literature, etc). Contraband will be confiscated; contraband that violates a law will be turned over to the evidence officer and appropriate action will be taken by the staff member finding the contraband.

Polaroid photographs are contraband and will not be given to the inmate.

Regular photographs are permitted; inmates are limited to having three at any one time.

Bibles in both English and Spanish, as well as other religious materials are available free of charge from the Jail Chaplaincy Program. Any questions regarding chaplaincy services, please contact the Jail Programs Manager at 678-493-4169. All ofther questions regarding inmate mail should be directed to Deputy Curry

Stamps, envelopes, paper and pens are available for purchase from the jail commissary.  

C.O.D. mail will not be accepted.

No hard-back books will be accepted.

Incoming and outgoing mail may be read and rejected if there is reliable information that there is a threat to facility order and security, or that the mail is being used in the furtherance of illegal activity.

Any further questions regarding inmate and administrative services at the jail, you may contact the Jail Administrative Services supervisor at 678-493-4226.
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