Lieutenant Kim Grant supervises the Crimes Against Property Unit. This unit consists of a sergeant and six detectives/investigators. This unit is responsible for investigation of residential and commercial burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, personal property thefts, criminal damage, and pawned property. The members of this unit are trained in evidence collection, including the collection of fingerprints, footprints, and DNA. These detectives/investigators maintain contacts within the community for the facilitation of suspect identifications and leads. They receive specialized training in motor vehicle technology and identification.

Safety Tip: Deterrence is the best defense against becoming the victim of a burglary or theft. Always insure that your residence/business is secured when you are away or asleep. Keeping the bushes close to your residence/business properly trimmed and proper exterior lighting allows others to see the windows and entry doors and keeps would be criminals from entering undetected. Never leave valuables in your vehicle and always lock your vehicle when parked.

Should you become a victim of a burglary, vacate the premises immediately and call 911. Do not go about the residence or business picking up, moving or disturbing items, due to the fact that useful evidence may be destroyed or contaminated. After deputies and investigators are finished processing the scene, carefully examine the premises and make an itemized list of property taken and give it to the investigator. Victims should notify neighbors of the incident to make them aware of the criminal activity taking place.

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